hello, my name is kai (b.1994, he/him). I graduated from Bard College in 2016 with a double major in Studio Arts and Art History. I am currently based in Nashville, TN.

Below are a few of my thoughts as they relate to myself and my practice. I hope you enjoy ^__^

Broadly, my work is centered on emotional resonant frequencies and dissolving boundaries through parallax. I am interested in the construction of the self as it relates to conceptions of the other, nature, and society. I engage these themes by reclaiming spirituality and community through interdisciplinarity. By taking information and looking at it through different lenses new perspectives can be found.

Specifically, I am amazed that I am alive. One day you and I will die. I am simply doing my best to unravel how I feel about that, and I am curious if you can relate to my life. I will do my best to be as honest, open, and vulnerable as possible. I cannot guarantee that my work will be good, or that I will achieve this. But I can promise you that I am thinking about it all the time. 

The way I try to do this is by following these definitions. 

The role of the artist is to be intentionally human. Through that intentionality, we can begin the process of understanding the self. 

The role of the viewer is to be grounded. The concept of the viewer is as vague and amorphous as the many people who may engage with a work of art. Therefore, in order for the viewer to glean something from a work of art, they must be receptive. In order for the viewer to be receptive, as a prerequisite they must be willing to listen to themselves. Not an idea of who they might be, but who they are the moment they wake up. These criteria must be met for the viewer and artist to make a connection.

The role of the artwork is to be a conduit. This conduit creates a connection between the artist and the viewer. It allows the two of us to begin to attempt to understand the human condition as it relates to our lives. 

Right now I am yelling into an echo chamber and trying to see what sticks. I strive that eventually this will be a dialogue rather than a monologue. So keep in touch ok? 


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