During the summer and fall of 2015 I participated along with 8 other student artists in The Olana Partnership's 'Mystery Box' project. We were given a box of unknown objects and materials that had been assembled by The Olana Partnership staff centered around the theme of “Trees, Art, and Tourism”.


During the residency we were available to visitors of Olana to answer questions and so that they could see the creative process in action. This process culminated in a Gallery opening on September 5, 2015.


I directly collaborated with artist Denis Blumin to create an immersive sound-sculpture hike titled Ghost Shell. Paper casts of my body were hung throughout the forest with small transducers attached to them. These vibrated the casts to mimic the sounds of the forest, and to act as guides to a performance at the top of Crown Point. There, I had participants touch my chest while I recited a monologue, connected the ethereal vibrating bodies to the vibrations of my real body.  

Also included here are images developed during this residency that helped inform the final performance.